Reports for distributions by ANTONOV

These are the test reports that we have for the most recent versions of each CPAN distribution uploaded by ANTONOV. This page was last updated on Thursday, 2nd June 2022 (11:58am).

Please note that this page is in an update queue, and as such the latest data may not be currently available.

The Latest Distributions

To view individual reports, please click the grade text associated with each report.

Chemistry-Stoichiometry 0.1.1 (No reports)

Data-ExampleDatasets 0.2.0 (No reports)

Data-Generators 0.1.3 (No reports)

Data-Reshapers 0.1.8 (No reports)

Data-Reshpers 0.1.7 (No reports)

Data-Summarizers 0.2.0 (No reports)

Lingua-NumericWordForms 0.4.2 (No reports)

Lingua-Stem-Bulgarian 0.1.2 (No reports)

Lingua-StopwordsISO 0.1.0 (No reports)

ML-TriesWithFrequencies 0.5.0 (No reports)

Pretty-Table 0.0.4 (No reports)

Pretty-Table 0.0.4 (No reports)

Statistics-OutlierIdentifiers 0.1.0 (No reports)

Text-CodeProcessing 0.4.2 (No reports)